The Nuclear-Free Future Award

for a world without nuclear weapons, nuclear energy and uranium ammunition

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Laureates 2017

Making the world safe from nuclear weapons and nuclear power is in our hands! 2017 Nuclear-Free Future Award to honor individuals who help get us there. The ceremony honoring this year’s Nuclear-Free Future Award winners takes place in cooperation with the international congress “Human Rights, Future Generations, and Crimes in the Nuclear Age,” September 14th-17th, Kollegienhaus, University of Basel, Petersplatz 1. [more]

True Bugs Don´t Lie

Quelle: WDR

Cornelia Hesse-Honneger (NFFAward laureate 2015) visited Fukushima in Sept./Oct. 2016. [more]

From the Subarctic to the Black Forrest

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Cree Youth Chief Shawn Iserhof (NFFA 2015) attended the sixth annual conference of the European Einvironment Foundeation in Freiburg. The Cree publication „The Nation“ reports [more]

Rusian Environmentalists as Victims of Fake News

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Nadezhda Kutepowa (NFFA 2011) received asylum from France after escaping Russia where she was portrayed as an agent and her address made public by the local TV station. [more]

Negotiations for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons are underway at the United Nations, starting today!


Bruno Barillot is dead

He opened the chronicle of French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific.and gave a face to the victims. His victory made him a NFFA laureate: In 2010 the French government passed a law to compensate the vistims of nuclear tests. Bruno died, 77 years old in Tahiti. [more]

Environmental Laureates’ Call to End Repression against Environmental Activists

Freiburg, Germany, on 10 March 2017 [more]

NFFAward in Solidarity with Water Protectors at Standing Rock

The victory won last December by the Water Protectors at Standing Rock has proved to be naught but an illusion. President Trump has given the green light for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Army Corps of Engineers (who occupy the fragile plot of land along the Missouri) have assented to Trump's decision. [more]

Award Recipients Meet in Freiburg

From March 9-12, 2017 in Freiburg, Germany, the international "Convention of Environmental Laureates" will have its sixth meeting. It will be organized by the EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENT FOUNDATION. This gathering of laureates of environmentally-oriented foundations has become a coveted opportunity to exchange ideas and make contacts with like-minded activists. [more]

A Message from Oleg Bodrow

Our friend Oleg Bodrow (NFFA 2010) reflects on his work and his organization, “Green World.” [more]

"DOOMSDAY CLOCK" Set January 26th, 2016 in Washington, D.C new.

"The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" (NFFAward Laureate 2002): Recent Global Tensions and Climate Change Developments to be Weighed ! [more]

Statement of Mission

Statement of Mission

The Nuclear Age is no geological era –
it's a creation of humankind.

Since 1998 the Nuclear-Free Future Award has honored and helped facilitate the on-going work of individuals and initiatives struggling to undo this mad juncture of time for the sake of the coming generations. Our central message: leave the uranium in the earth !

Our laureates are heroes and heroines working to pull the plug on nuclear power, or to pound nuclear warheads into plowshares. Many are the visionaries and architects of a future lived in sustainable harmony with the earth, men and women energetically seeding fresh solutions.

The Nuclear Age was begun by humankind –
together we can make it good, see it undone.