The Nuclear-Free Future Award

for a world without nuclear weapons, nuclear energy and uranium ammunition

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2017 Peace Nobel Prize for 2016 NFFA-Laureate  [more]

Award Ceremony Basel 2017


NFFA Education: Video Message from Janine Allis-Smith und Martin Forwood

CORE acceptance NFFA [more]

Laureates 2017

Making the world safe from nuclear weapons and nuclear power is in our hands! 2017 Nuclear-Free Future Award to honor individuals who help get us there. The ceremony honoring this year’s Nuclear-Free Future Award winners takes place in cooperation with the international congress “Human Rights, Future Generations, and Crimes in the Nuclear Age,” September 14th-17th, Kollegienhaus, University of Basel, Petersplatz 1. [more]

Tony de Brum is dead

Former Republic of the Marshall Islands Foreign Minister and NFFAward Laureat (2015) Tony de Brum died Tuesday morning (22.08.2017). [more]

True Bugs Don´t Lie

Quelle: WDR

Cornelia Hesse-Honneger (NFFAward laureate 2015) visited Fukushima in Sept./Oct. 2016. [more]

From the Subarctic to the Black Forrest

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Cree Youth Chief Shawn Iserhof (NFFA 2015) attended the sixth annual conference of the European Einvironment Foundeation in Freiburg. The Cree publication „The Nation“ reports [more]

Rusian Environmentalists as Victims of Fake News

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Nadezhda Kutepowa (NFFA 2011) received asylum from France after escaping Russia where she was portrayed as an agent and her address made public by the local TV station. [more]

Negotiations for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons are underway at the United Nations, starting today!


Bruno Barillot is dead

He opened the chronicle of French Nuclear Testing in the South Pacific.and gave a face to the victims. His victory made him a NFFA laureate: In 2010 the French government passed a law to compensate the vistims of nuclear tests. Bruno died, 77 years old in Tahiti. [more]

Environmental Laureates’ Call to End Repression against Environmental Activists

Freiburg, Germany, on 10 March 2017 [more]

Statement of Mission

Statement of Mission

The Nuclear Age is no geological era –
it's a creation of humankind.

Since 1998 the Nuclear-Free Future Award has honored and helped facilitate the on-going work of individuals and initiatives struggling to undo this mad juncture of time for the sake of the coming generations. Our central message: leave the uranium in the earth !

Our laureates are heroes and heroines working to pull the plug on nuclear power, or to pound nuclear warheads into plowshares. Many are the visionaries and architects of a future lived in sustainable harmony with the earth, men and women energetically seeding fresh solutions.

The Nuclear Age was begun by humankind –
together we can make it good, see it undone.