The Nuclear-Free Future Award

for a world without nuclear weapons, nuclear energy and uranium ammunition

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Nukes in South Africa? No!

„Keep Nukes out of South Africa“ , the T-Shirt inprint, multiplied by hundreds of demonstrators dominated the scene of a march through Johannesburg on November 18, organized by the local NGO Earthlife Africa. The walk was part of the worldwide solidarity events in support of the climate summit COP 22 in Marrakesch. The laureates of the Nuclear-Free Future Award joined their singing and dancing comrades with three banners: Keep Uranium in the Ground. We are not Protestors, we are Protectors. Respect Existence, otherwise Expect Resistance. Four days later the Zuma Administration announced to postpone their plans for russian nukes to 2037. Another good reason for singing and dancing. The photos reveal that spelling will remain a problem, even in the struggle for a nuclear-free world: RESISTENCE Photos [more]

Back from South Africa

The Award ceremony at the Matalpeng Country Estate in Vanderbiilpark south of Johannesburg was a never ending dance. As soon as a prize was handed over, somebody started to sing; as soon as a song was in the air, the room started to move. A youth band, called „Black Diamond Arts Organization“ pumped energy in the hall. [more]

Update: Award ceremony in Johannesburg, RSA

Event (incl. Pictures) [more]

Grassroots Radioactive Waste Strategy Summit

This Summit - Dec 2 - 4, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois - will bring people together from nuclear power reactor areas where highly radioactive waste is located now, communities being targeted for new nuclear waste sites, and those along transport routes in between. International alliances with Native American and Canadian colleagues are important here too. This event is designed for those “in the trenches” of radioactive waste proposals and policies. [more]

Oleg Bodrov in Hiroshima

(f.l.t.r.) Roland Gardien (France), Oleg Bodrov (Russia), Joseph Gerson (USA)

NFFA-Laureate speaks at the World Conference against A and H Bombs [more]

Gordon Edwards with News from Greenland

Gordon Edwards ( director of CCNR/Canadian Coalition of Nuclear Responsibility, NFFA laureate 2006) participated in a forum on uranium mining on June 11 in Narsaq, South Greenland. Here is his report: [more]

India: New Plans for Uranium Mining

From JOAR ( NFFA 2004) we received this Report: It was back in 8-12 April, 2013 in Tata Nagar, That the Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL)  Conducted  a high level seminar cum training inviting  200 delegates from 25 countries (according to UCIL), in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). With all the fanfare. This much hyped seminar was titled "Uranium Exploration Strategy, Mining and Processing Techniques" in India and took place in one of a posh hotel in Tatanagar. [more]

NFFA laureate nominated for UN Secretary General

Helen Clark (NFFA 2002) [more]

Renewable Windfall as Germany's Green Energy Meets 90 Percent of Demand

Germany, the fourth-largest economy in the world and a leader in renewable energy, produced so much energy this weekend from its solar, wind, hydro, and biomass plants that power prices went into negative territory for several hours. Consumers were being paid to use energy. And Germany has currently not the best possible weather .  Imagine what would be possible in South Africa, Mali, Niger and other countries (more) [more]

Official Medal for "Foreign Agent"

The medals "For the Nature Conservation of Russia" was awarded on April 15 in the building of the Leningrad Region Government.  Among the recipients was the expert, former head of the environmental department of nuclear town Sosnovy Bor and three members of the public charitable environmental organization "Green World", which according to the Russian Ministry of Justice" serves as "foreign agent".  [more]

Radioactive Eskimo

Greenland's parliament has voted in favour of lifting the country's long-standing ban on the extraction of radioactive materials, including uranium. [more]

Statement of Mission

Statement of Mission

The Nuclear Age is no geological era –
it's a creation of humankind.

Since 1998 the Nuclear-Free Future Award has honored and helped facilitate the on-going work of individuals and initiatives struggling to undo this mad juncture of time for the sake of the coming generations. Our central message: leave the uranium in the earth !

Our laureates are heroes and heroines working to pull the plug on nuclear power, or to pound nuclear warheads into plowshares. Many are the visionaries and architects of a future lived in sustainable harmony with the earth, men and women energetically seeding fresh solutions.

The Nuclear Age was begun by humankind –
together we can make it good, see it undone.