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 Award Basel 2017  

  The Nuclear-Free Future Award ceremony was one of the highlights of the international
  "Human Rights, Future Generations and Crimes in the Nuclear Age" conference,
  which took place from the 14th to the 17th of September 2017 at the University of Basel, Switzerland.


  NFFA laureate Almoustapha Alhacen (category "Resistance") and Hiromichi Umebayashi (category "Solutions")
  were among the conference speakers; they were joined by past laureates Nadeshda Kutepowa, Bruno Chareyron,
  Heinz Stockinger, Cornelia Hesse-Honneger, and Helen Caldicott.
  The laureates in the "Education" category, Janine Allis-Smith and Martin Forwood, were unable to come. The honorary
  Special Recognition awards were given to Jochen Stay and to The Dedicated - a group of 25 eminent figures of
  Switzerland's anti-nuke movement; four of the honors came posthumously.
  The experts and activists gathered in Basel recognized the importance to form an ongoing interdisciplinary working group
  tasked with exposing the threat of radioactive radiation to all life forms. Consisting of physicians, physicists, lawyers, and
  authors, such a working group would develop strategies to bring unfiltered news (that is, not censored by the WHO or IAEA)
  to the public. While anti-nuclear protest in Europe is considered a democratic right, such activism could cost one his/her life:
  MP Tundu Lissu, human rights lawyer and opponent of uranium mining, who had been scheduled to speak in Basel,
  never made it: during prepararations for his trip to Switzerland, he was shot as he left a Tanzanian government building.
  He was hit by eight bullets, but survived. Lissu is presently being treated at a hospital in Kenya.

 Preisträger Basel 2017

 The Laureates (from left to right):
 Back row: Georg Pankow, Stefan Füglister, Egon Schneebeli
 In between: Michel Fernex, Jürg Joss, Jochen Stay, Ursula Nakamura, Philippe de Rougemont, Martin Walter, Marcos Buser, Dani Costantino,
 Mira Frauenfelder,  Roland Meyer, Almoustapha Alhacen, Eva Geel (halb verdeckt), Peter Scholer
 Front row: Anne-Catherine Reimann, Hiromichi Umebayashi, Heidi Portmann, Iris Frei
 Auf dem Foto fehlen: Stefan Ograbek, Niculin Gianotti, Walter Wildi, Leo Scherer, Heini Glauser.
 Posthum geehrt wurden: Jürg Aerni. Konradin Kreuzer, Chaim Nissim, Rainer Weibel

 Photo by  Markus Wild       (Download)  Presse/Archive 


  We are grateful to our sponsors and supporters who help to make our annual ceremony possible
  and to strengthen our world wide anti-nuke network.
  Sponsor (in alphabetical order):
    - EWS
    - Gewinnsparverein der Sparda Bank München e.V.
    - Green City Energy
    - IPPNW
    - Rapunzel
    - Umweltstiftung Greenpeace

  Swiss Support:
    - Fokus Anti Atom
    - Komitee Mühleberg
    - SES




  Photo gallery Basel 2017

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