The Nuclear-Free Future Award

for a world without nuclear weapons, nuclear energy and uranium ammunition


Back from South Africa

The Award ceremony at the Matalpeng Country Estate in Vanderbiilpark south of Johannesburg was a never ending dance. As soon as a prize was handed over, somebody started to sing; as soon as a song was in the air, the room started to move. A youth band, called „Black Diamond Arts Organization“ pumped energy in the hall.

The next morning we joined „Earthlife“ in a „No Nukes“March on the occasion of COP22 in Marrakech. The march was a dance. A few days later the South African government announced to pospone its nuclear plans to the year 2037. A good reason to keep dancing. Our symposium „Think Nuclear-Free!“ was opened by the breaking news that Vietnam has said No to nuclear power. The messanger of the good News was South Africa’s prominent activist David Fig who was part of an international delegation to Vietnam. Congratulations, David!

Davids Report